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The bottom line is this: CARS WILL SELL!!!!!!!

List your car on NEW www.carstosell.co.za and with essential cheap Advertising the site will ensure to sell it for you ASAP for the price you want.

The good news is – Cheap Advertising – New with User Friendly Options. All we ask is this:

R 9.50 per day to list your car on cars to sell.
R 7.50 per day if you are an existing client.


Here is a SPECIAL DEAL !

10 days = R50

10 days with featured listing = R70

20 days = R100

20 days with featured listing = R120

1 month = R120

1 month with featured listing = R150 (We will keep Your ad for 45 days – 15 days FREE)


That is all you have to pay – the site will do the rest.

List your car, bakkie, bike, boat, 4×4, trailer, truck or bus and we will try our BEST to sell it for you.


Please click here to see how it works, or you can go to the menu on the homepage  and click on the button List Here.

Thank you for visiting carstosell.co.za.  Please remember that WE will always do a professional and personal job for you when it comes to helping you selling or buying your car.

On our site which is gonna see substantial growth – Don’t miss the Opportunity books with Advertising Searching and Finding!

You will see…

Yours Truly,

Cars To Sell

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