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Don’t buy scrap…

Don’t buy scrap……when you are actually looking for a cool ride for yourself or your wife. 


Unfortunately this world is not always nice to the innocent, law-abiding citizens – sometimes the world is full of sharks. Buying a Car which is not scrap – other than a New Car is very daunting.


They will just try and sell you a car – but there is now the NCA and the Credit Ombudsman that now helps.


You get them, these sharks, in every industry, whether it is in the medical profession the legal profession or car trade – they are everywhere.


When you buy a used or new car always make sure you follow the rule to be save. We have protection now – Through various acts


When you register on cars to sell and or list and advertise your car for sale you will automatically receive a special FREE report from us. This report will show you exactly what to do and what not to do when you buy or sell a new or used car.


If you want a copy of this report right now, to study before you list your car on tcar, you can get one. Just click here , supply your email address and we will send you a copy of the report to you immediately.

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