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How to Sell Your Car Fast FREE ADVERTISING

Your new shiny ride is ready to go. It’s nice and new and still got this factory smell on it. The leather is glowing and there is not a single scratch on it yet. Just a perfect car – a car of your dreams!

Now there is just one thing left to do – sell your old car. Find it a new home where it will be taken care of by someone like yourself – an admirer and true four wheel lover.

So where to start? How to sell it?  FREE ADVERTISING

Vibrant urban setting - ideal for city cars
It’s all about being seen and seen and seen – Advertise

Putting a car up for sale involves much more than just creating an ad on anybodies list. Before you rush into typing in all the details about your shiny ride, some good pictures need to be made. We are not talking about smartphone shots in your backyard. To get the most of the pictures you need to find a perfect spot, perfect time and make your car look spotless.

Washing your car regularly is a key to long and rust-free life. However, preparing it for sale is somewhat different. Make sure to wipe and vacuum the interior, get rid of all the garbage that might have been collected over years. Also, get rid of air fresheners – they do stink! Don’t forget to clean the rims – they make a good impression if taken care of.



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